How tapping into the Power of my Emotions transformed my life

I will never forget the day nor the pivotal moment that changed my life  forever.  The day that would not only change my life, but my children’s, my brothers, my dad’s, future members of my family and family members who’d not even been born yet.

It was June 2003 and I was sitting in a small conference room in Johannesburg with 4 other people.  I was attending South Africa’s first ever EQ Train the Trainer course, a  course being run by two doctors / authors who had written a workbook on  Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  I had contacted them months before begging  them to teach me everything they knew, but they were not interested.  They kept saying no and I kept asking.  I persisted and persevered and they finally agreed.

We were a few hours into the first day of the course and the pivotal moment was about to below to read the rest